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Todos Vuelven Musical


Municipal Theater of Lima.

377 Jiron Ica in Lima, Peru.


To 30 June 2019


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May 9 to June 30 “Todos Vuelven” A Musical for Peru. Thursday to Saturday 8 p.m. Sunday 7 p.m.
A great display of song and dance offers us this 100% Peruvian musical, with modern arrangements and a contemporary look at our history.
The musical presents Peru from the Colony to Independence, presenting a series of everyday scenes and others of historical significance. We will see festive contests of the neighbors in times of carnival, the life of the slaves, the meeting between Simeon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin.
The most representative musical themes of Peru as a single-lane alley, and it’s called Peru, when my guitar cries, are part of the repertoire
Cast Erika Villalobos, Emilia Drago, Andres Salas, Lucho Sandoval, Miguel Alvarez, Sandra Muente, Laly Guimarey, Monica Duenas, Diego C. Seyfarth, Jairo Tafur, Jeffersson Tadeo, Alejandra Sanchez, Raul Romero, etc.
Tickets S/ 10 – S/ 440.