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Source: Luis Guillermo Ocampo

“Selena” The Musical


Ricardo Blume Theater.

2160 Jiron Huiracocha Jesus Maria in Lima, Peru.


From 23 July 2020

To 02 August 2020


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July 23 to August 2 “Selena” The Musical. Hour 8 p.m.
Tribute to the legendary American singer of Mexican descent Selena Quintanilla, famous interpreter of genres such as tex-mex, ranchera and Latin pop. We will take you on a trip that celebrates the life of the singer, through the best of her musical repertoire and that tells the most important and significant moments of her artistic career and the relationship with which her husband, Chris Perez, guitarist of his band.
Cast Stephany Orue (Selena), Martin Velasquez (Chris Perez), Ivanna Vernal and a great cast of dancers.
Tickets pre-sale S/ 50.