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Peruvians Wins Competition in the NASA





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Tuesday, April 16, 2019Peruvian students of the National University of Engineering UNI, win competition of the National Administration of Aeronautics and Space, better known as NASA.
They excelled against more than 100 teams from countries like Germany, India, the United States, Bangladesh, Brazil, etc.
The young people won the prize in the “Telemetry & Electronics” category of the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge. Now they are looking for money to implement and finish their prototype, which is a lunar vehicle called “Rover” that can explore the moon through a mechanism that allows it to adapt to the wild terrain of that satellite. The students need 26 thousand Soles to cover the costs of construction and transportation of Rover.
Winning team: Adviser Ing. Manuel Luque Casanave. Students: Jose Melchor Vasquez Garcia, Adler Deker Machado Huanca, Franco Andres Cassinelli Cisneros, Brandon Lee Vitor Calero, George Steve Fajardo Soria, Sandro Manuel Alcantara Tacora, Julio Cesar Canahuire Vilca, Arturo Moises Flores Alvares, Joselyn Yeseth Ydrogo Fernandez, Pold Martin Anampa Saravia & Cynthia Mori Cordova.