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Peru Arco Fair ’19


Stand 7 Peru.

5 Del Partenón Ave. 28042 in Madrid, Spain.


To 03 March 2019


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February 27 to March 3 International Contemporary Art Fair “ARCO Madrid 2019”.
Peru is the guest country and we will be represented by 23 artists and 7 galleries. The conceptual basis of the exhibition is the “500 years of contemporary visualization in Peru”.
Artists Teresa Burga, Fernando Bryce, Mariella Agois, Ana Teresa Barboza, Fernando Bedoya, Alberto Casari, Carlos Runcie Tanaka, Antonio Paucar, Sandra Gamarra, Pablo Hare, Elena Damiani, Milagros de la Torre, Flavia Gandolfo, Jose Vera Matos, Rita Ponce de Leon, Roberto Huarcaya, Herbert Rodriguez, Miguel Aguirre, Ximena Garrido Lecca, Claudia Martinez Garay, etc.
The Arco Madrid Fair will house 203 galleries from 30 countries, restaurants, programs such as first collector and many other activities.
The Peruvians in Madrid will be able to acquire their ticket at 20 Euros, carrying their ID or Passport.