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Peña de los Piñas


British Theater.

527 Jiron Bellavista Miraflores in Lima, Peru.


From 07 April 2020

To 05 May 2020


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April 7 to May 5 “Peña de los Piñas”. Tuesday 8 p.m.
In the dining room of a hotel, in the middle of the jungle, the relatives of the victims of a plane crash, together with a coroner, an insurance broker and a waiter, await the results of the search for survivors. Prey of despair, they play to write possible endings to escape the limbo they are in, and they have called the Peña de los Piñas.
Direction Fernando Verano & Nadine Vallejo. Cast  Lizet Chavez, Daniel Cano, Augusto Mazzarelli, Rodrigo Palacios, Miguel Davalos & Lilian Nieto.
Duration 70 minutes without intermediate. Recommended public over 16 years.
The Theater has a parking lot.
Tickets S/ 30 – S/ 65.