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Magic Circuit of Water


Magic Circuit of Water. Exhibition Park.

Corner of Petit Thouars Ave. with Jiron. Madre de Dios in Lima, Peru.


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Magic Water Circuit forms park of the Exhibition Park and holds the Guinness World Record for being the largest fountain complex in the world in a public park.
It has 13 cybernetic fountains, one of which has a jet that reaches 80 meters in height, all these have a conjunction with the highest technology with music, light, color & images. 
Inauguration July 26, 2007.
Hours Tuesday to Sunday & Holidays 3 p.m. at 10:30 p.m. It has free guided tours.
Multimedia show times 7:15 p.m. / 8:15 p.m. / 9:30 pm.
Tickets general S/ 4. Free for children under 5 and adults over 65 with ID.
Parking cost S/ 10. Buses S/ 30.
Telephone 014240827.