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Leonardo & the Flying Machine


Mali Auditorium Museum of Art Lima.

125 Paseo Colon Parque de la Exposicion in Lima, Peru.


To 16 December 2018


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Face Leonardo y la Maquina


At December 16 “Leonardo & the Flying Machine” – Friday, Saturday & Monday 8 p.m. Sunday 7 p.m.
The work deals with the last section of the life of Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) in a French castle where he has as a disciple the young Francesco Melzi. Leonardo makes a brief review of his inventions, he also tells us about his creative processes as the great artist he was (La Gioconda, La Ultima Cena, El Hombre del Vitruvio etc). It is the Flying Machine that last great project that leads him to challenge the impossible.
Direction Roberto Martinez Llanos. Cast Mario Velasquez & Valentin Prado.
Duration 80 minutes. Suggested work older than 12 years.
Tickets S/ 44.50 – S/ 17.50. Popular Monday S/ 20.