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Yestoquelotro Theater Studio.

196 Perez Roca Street Barranco in Lima, Perú.


To 23 April 2020


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March 10 to April 23 “Humidity”. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8 p.m.
Two couples are in the same hotel; one of them because he has the project to restore the town bridge. The other for a problem in your travel itinerary. From there, they live in these rooms. Some already tired of living the usual routine buy a washing machine and put it in the bathroom. Others, who have just arrived, run out of clothes. Both couples know each other and intermingle based on their needs: the need to use a washing machine, to find new content to get them out of tedium and to propose new ways of communicating.
Direction David Carrillo. Cast Anneliese Fiedler & David Carrillo.
Tickets pre-sale S/ 22. Normal price S/ 44.