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Chola Chabuca Circus


Explanada Makro. Plaza Norte Shopping Center.

Panamericana Norte Ave & Tomas Valle Ave & Tupac Amaru Ave. Independencia in Lima, Peru.


To 01 September 2019


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July 18 to September 1 “Circo de la Chola Chabuca 20 Years” – Hours 3:30 / 6 / 8:50 p.m.
Show full of magic and fantasy under the largest tent in Peru. More than 40 artists on stage from different parts of the world such as Colombia, Ukraine, Russia, Chile, Argentina & Mexico, will surprise us with their great talent.
Fun clowns, acrobats, guest artists, dancers, live music and all the charisma of Chola Chabuca.
Tickets S/ 22.50 – S/ 120.50.