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Un Amor hasta las Patas


Un Amor hasta las Patas. Comedy. Suitable for Everyone. 1 hour 30 minutes.
Mayra (Nataniel Sanchez) is a girl who lives with her two dogs and feels a bit restricted by the comments of her parents. Shy and insecure, her love life is not good. Roxana, her best friend, gets her an appointment thanks to social networks. The disaster of the appointment leads her to ask a wish to a magical Cat of Desires: have a boyfriend as tender and understandable as his 2 adorable dogs. His life becomes a fun canine racket! and it will give you gratifying surprises. A dog trainer will help you solve part of this great uproar.
Cast Nataniel Sanchez, Macla Yamada, Sebastian Rubio, Americo Zeniga, Lourdes Berninzon, Sergio Paris, Nico Argolo, Claret Quea, Tatiana Espinosa, etc.


Carlos Landeo.